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Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Concussion Management
Providing Health Care to Minors- WA State Law

Best Nontraditional Nursing Site - 2012

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Board Members

Board of Directors

Terri Helm-Remund- Past President

President: Nicole Klein

Vice President: Anne McGavran
Membership and Nominations

Secretary: Jeanne Dowling

Treasurer: Molly Ndoloum

NASN Director: Lynette Ondeck
Area Representatives

SNOW areas map

Area 1: Lynn Grubb

Area 2B:Linda Condit

Area 2A: Annie Hetzel

Area 3: VACANT

Area 4- VACANT

Area 5 Rep: VACANT

Area 6: Lanea Cate

Area 7: Deb Cochran

Area 8: VACANT

Area 9: Phyllis Fries

Area 10: Dawn Fox
Standing Committee Chairs

Legislative: Lynn Nelson

Public Relations: Catherine Shutty

Professional Development: Debbie Brogna Johnson

Amy Norton
Sub Committee Chairs

Awards: Renee Bowzer

Mercantile: Anita Madea

Public Relations:VACANT

Conference: Liz Pray

Clock Hours: Lisa Huggins
916 43rd Street NW
Tulalip, WA

Continuing Education: Cheryl Sampson

Research: Brenda Thorsen

Scholarship: Lynne Carveth

Historian: Donna Burr

Flurries Editor- VACANT

Nurse Practice: Janice Doyle

Allison Cowart: Webmaster
NBCSN Liason

Rebecca Cavanaugh: NBCSN Liason
OSPI Health Services Manager

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